Polish Conference on Crystal Growth 2022 - Conference - BRIDGE of Knowledge

Conference Polish Conference on Crystal Growth 2022

Date of the event

19-24 June 2022
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Social program

The Opening ceremony will be held in the Main Building of Gdańsk Tech. The ceremony will start at 7:00pm, in the Aula located on the 3rd floor Hevelius courtyard located on the ground floor. 


After a welcoming talk, drinks reception will take place for all registered Attendees and their Accompanying Persons.

Registration of Participants will be possible prior to reception, i.e. from 4:00pm to 7:00pm at the registration point located in the Main Building, next to the main entrance.



Attendees arriving after the Opening ceremony will be able to register during or prior to conference sessions at the registration point located in the ETI building of Gdańsk Tech, where all of the sessions will take place.  


Dinner prior to the Poster Session, Monday, 20th June

To show the beauty of the Gdańsk Tech campus a special dinner for conference Attendees will be organized at the two beautiful, inner Johannes Hevelius, and Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit Courtyards of the Main Building. The dinner is scheduled on Monday, 20th June, at 17:30, i.e. prior to the poster session that will take place in the Main Building as well.  A short guide to historic places of Gdańsk Tech can be found here.  


Gala dinner, European Solidarity Centre, Gdańsk, Tuesday, 21th June

The dinner will start at 20:00, on Tuesday, 21th June,  in the Winter Garden of the European Solidarity Centre (ECS), located on the ground floor of the building (please, take a look at the map below).
All registered Attendees and Accompanying Persons will be eligible to tour the ECS exhibition before the Gala dinner, namely from 17:00 to 19:00. You shall get the tickets on Monday at the registration desk. Please note, that the approximated time needed to tour the exhibition is 1.5  h.

At 19:00 a special scientific session will start in the ECS auditorium. 

Sailing, kayaking, Old Town sightseeing, Wednesday, 22nd June
After several intensive days of scientific presentations, and discussions a short break to charge the batteries is necessary. Wednesday afternoon will be our time to relax. Those who love the wind and the sea will be invited on board of the Baltic Beauty, a 29m-long sailing vessel that will take us across the Gdańsk Bay, from Gdańsk to Sopot, straight to the famous Pier stretching into the Baltic Sea from the middle of Sopot beach. Sopot Pier is almost 200 years old, and more than 500m-long, making it the longest wooden pier in Europe, and one of the biggest tourist attractions in Sopot.

Those who are not afraid to get a bit wet, and prefer to exercise their muscles in the fresh air will have a chance for an extraordinary kind of a city tour – the Old Town of Gdańsk explored when kayaking along the Vistula River - unforgettable views and a lot of fun are guaranteed.     

If you are not so keen on getting close to the water and prefer to stand firm on the ground to find out more about the complex history of Gdańsk, you will be able to tour the Old Town. Accompanied by one of our excellent guides, you will spend 3h among astonishing buildings and quite unbelievable stories of Gdańsk, that date back to the 10th century.   
The choice of the activity has to be done upon conference registration. The number of places for each of these attractions is limited. Every Attendee and each of the Accompanying Persons will be able to take part in one of these activities, assigned to all Participant on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Photos by Krzysztof Krzempek, Konrad Marciniak, Emi Karpowicz, and Grzegorz Mehring.